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Sadiqua Iman

"Screw the binary and be extraordinary"

I am a steward for my family and my community, and make sure that we are healthy and thriving. This intersection is where my work as an artist and activist most closely intersect. I am a Massage Therapist, Fitness Instructor, and Ayurvedic Nutritional Lifestyle Counselor, but I arrived to the health industry through my artistic practices. I am “interdisciplinary storyteller”. I use this term loosely, because in my culture, this title is redundant. All of our stories have music, theatre, dance, but due to the need to classify art forms classically, I must include additional descriptors for my concept of storytelling in order to give the full breadth of my work. By “our” I mean people of the African Diaspora. There is a way of healing that is done with most melanated communities that involves a sort of invoking of spirit, which brings a different dimension to the audience’s experience of the performance. I am trained in musical theatre, dance, poetry, body percussion and songwriting, but full scale traditional storytelling was passed down to me from many generations of healers, teachers, and artists. Ask me to heal you, and I will ask you to tell me a story.

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