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  • Sadiqua Iman

Giving You Something You Can Feel

Gansango Music and Dance presented "Africa Remix" at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center in Seattle, Washington on October 4th and 5th. The theatre was comfortably full and the stage was left black and bare except for an eclectic arrangement of African drums in the downstage corner, their presence highlighted as their masters entered the space and called all present to be evermore present.

It was as if I was dancing with them. Pedestrian props turned into magical appendages to take you into the realms where these dances were created. There was spirit beneath the foot of each dancer and my heart raced with theirs in their most vulnerable stillness. I was seduced by smiles and hips swaying hypnotically to afro-beats, afro-classical, afro-step, afro-, afri-, ah-free, free is what I felt with every movement of the evening.

When your stories are engrained in you, there is no need for a script, you simply need to remember the story and capture them in movement. Gansango lets you feel the capturing from a respectful distance. Watching them interact with each other makes it clear they know something you do not know, but I guarantee they will make sure you can feel it.

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