The Director

I orchestrate authentic stories and reimagine classics from black, queer, and female perspectives often not emphasized in traditional theatre. I want to be the voice of the silenced through my work as a director, and often choose scripts and creative teams that reflect this.I want to direct and choreograph musicals, dinner theatre, and site-specific work that are accessible and impactful.

Below are a few of my past productions that you can learn more about online.

If you are interested  working with me on your next theatrical or dance performance, please send inquiries to :



The Artist

Namii the "Femme-Daddy-Fancy Boi " -an interactive experience

 A gender bending feminist performer that embraces her boyish charm with seductive moves. A storyteller weaving the bizarre world of tassel twirls and freedom marches. You may also catch Namii figure modeling, hosting events, and facilitating body awareness,mindful eroticism,empowerment, and burlesque/drag king workshops around the world.

Please check out my blog for upcoming performances, new writings and photoshoots.

Namii in action
Uptown Funk

The Community Arts Liason

More than I love art I love my community, and will always advocate accordingly. I have started a few businesses that allow me to do this in many different ways. Check it out!



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